Challenge 5: Caffeine Withdrawals

This week I decided to relax with my coffee addiction and attempt to go to sleep earlier to see if it affected how I feel in the morning.  I’m guilty of being a night owl and feel that I’m most productive at night.  I do my homework, clean my room, do laundry… basically everything I should’ve done during the day.  There are nights that I’m awake at 3:30 AM still folding my laundry and running on 3 or 4 cups of coffee, and I realize it’s probably not the most healthy lifestyle to live.  I’m exhausted in the mornings, and like I said in my past blog, I usually sleep in super late to make up for the sleep lost the night before.  Then the first thing I do when I step out of my bed is stumble downstairs and put my caramel café k cup in the Keurig and place it on the largest setting.  I rely on multiple cups of that shit to keep me functioning during the day when I could simply just get to bed at a reasonable time and get more sleep.tired good morning GIF by SLOTHILDA

Day 1:  I got ready for bed last night at around 8.  It was weird for me.  Really weird.  At that time on a Sunday I’m usually starting to finish up my work for the week and put in a load of laundry, but with this challenge in mind I did it a few hours earlier in the day.  I got into bed at 9 and mid Handmaids Tale episode I passed tf out.  This morning I had work at 10, and usually I set my alarm for 9 but snooze it 14 times, but today I was determined to get out of bed and start my day without coffee.  About an hour in, it wasn’t going well.  I was still extremely sluggish and literally dying for my daily morning cup of coffee.  Now I understand why I love that stuff so much.  I seriously felt like a zombie and was barely a quarter through my GIF

Day 2:  Yesterday was a long day.  Like torturously long.  So getting in bed early was actually heaven and I had no problem knocking out once my head hit the pillow.  This morning though… lemme tell ya.  If there’s such thing as caffeine withdrawals, I was getting them full-fledged.  It’s not even that I was overly tired, I was just the most irritable human being on the east coast, and my pounding headache wasn’t helping, and all I kept thinking about was how coffee would make me feel a billion times better.  The day went on and I was in class at 2:00 literally starting to doze off.  It isn’t even like I went to bed late so I couldn’t blame my sleepiness on that anymore.  Coffee has just become such a vital part of my daily life (as dramatic as I may sound to someone that doesn’t have this problem) that it’s what keeps me functioning throughout the day.  I never realized what a huge effect it had on me until now.  After class I forfeit.  I walked over to Dunkin’ and got a large caramel iced coffee with almond milk, and girl, nothing has ever tasted so damn good.  I now know that coffee may just be something I need for my mental sanity and well-being.  I’m going to try to limit myself to less cups a day because the way I feel without it is unhealthy, but for now, I’ll continue to turn that Keurig on to start my days.


coffee caffeine GIF by Look Human

8 thoughts on “Challenge 5: Caffeine Withdrawals

  1. Omg I literally stay up til like 4 am almost every night too and my dumbass is still drinking coffee at that time. But hats off to you for at least trying to stop! lol … I’ve tried giving up coffee so many times and it just hasn’t worked out for me. It has gotten to the point where I legit get headaches/migraines if I dont have a cup of coffee so I honestly don’t think it’s possible anymore. I enjoyed this since it was a super relatable post. Keep it up 🙂

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  2. One thing that I promised myself to not do is become addicted to coffee like every other college student lol because I see the effects it has. The fact that I don’t like the taste of it also helps. I think this was a good challenge to do because now you’re aware of the effects coffee really has on you and at least you can say you tried to stop! 8 hours of sleep is basically my coffee. Once I tried an iced caramel latte and it was actually good so now I’m scared to get it again and like too much.

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  3. I’m in the opposite situation when it comes to caffeine products. My body’s really sensitive to caffeine. I’m talking like, if I drink a cup of coffee in the morning I won’t be able to sleep during that night. Even a small cup of boba milk tea with a lil caffeine in it made it so I couldn’t sleep till 4AM one night. The thing is some days caffeine would really help cause I just feel so sluggish. I guess I need to build up my tolerance? lol

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  4. Every week I get excited to see what you are going to write about. I always wondered how people could get addicted to coffee but I am glad I am not. I feel like I am with Tea though. Literally every night i drink tea to go to bed.

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  5. I used to drink sooo much coffee and I dont know how I stopped, I recently had a cup and it wasnt great. My problem is that ever since I was 4 years old my parents have given me caffeinated drinks to wake up and sleep, so Ive always been in the habit of drinking them. Lately I tried black tea and it wasn’t hard at all, I even carry tea bags with me and when I go to coffeeshops i dont spend money because hot water is free.I like your blogging style, but maybe I would have liked to see a bigger transition, for some reason I believed you would do this over the course of a week, it would have been interesting to see how you could have recovered (or not) from the challenge you set yourself out for.

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  6. Lmao this made me laugh, I LOVE coffee and literally rely on multiple cups to get me through any day whether it’s going to be an easy one or a long one. I don’t know how you could cut it out I think I’d go into a state of epileptic shock without caffeine, during finals and midterms I buy caffeinated gum I’m that disgusting!!!! If I could get coffee through and IV AND drink it at the same time I totally would. I don’t blame you for giving up on day 2 either I don’t even think I could’ve even attempted to start! I’m literally drinking coffee as I sit here and comment lol. But good job these are always so funny and relatable, I can’t wait to read next weeks challenge

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  7. I thought this was an interesting post because, I’m nit a coffee drinker at all. I don’t have this obsession college students swear by so I found it entertaining to see how you dealt with cutting something, so normally in your diet, out! I think coffee withdrawals are a real thing because the amount of people I hear who have the same symptoms as you from not drinking coffee, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise ahaha! Keep your head up and your nose away from coffee! Once you smell it, you’re gonna cave! I’ve seen it happen! Stay strong!

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  8. I was addicted to coffee for awhile as a kid. It was probably because my parents gave me coffee as child and i loved it. I remember most of high school i drank at least a cup of coffee every morning, it was bad i used to be awake all night and wouldn’t be able to wake up. Now i drink it every once in a while and i don’t feel like i need it anymore but its too good to stop drinking it lol. It also doesn’t help that my uncles send me a pound of coffee every month so i always have the choice to make it. At the end of the day caffeine is addictive so its only nature to want it.

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