Challenge 3: Boys, boys, boys

Lately I’ve been having a bit of unnecessary stress and drama clouding up my thoughts and emotions.  I’ve hypothesized that this stress and drama that seems to be following me around is mainly coming from a single source: boys.  Now this post isn’t to say that all boys are bad and I’ve never met a decent man and blah blah blah.  Not at all actually.  I know plenty of amazing guys and I’m sure they’d make wonderful significant others.  However, either those guys do not wish to be MY significant other, or I don’t wish to be theirs for one reason or another.  So this week I decided to go on a bit of a male cleanse.  I sound crazy, I know, but I figured it’d be great to focus on myself for a few days.girl power GIF

Not only did I stop talking any prospective love interests, but also guy friends of mine.  I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes I really think that guys can be a million times more dramatic than girls ever will be.  The stereotype that girls are so emotional and drama-filled is pretty insulting considering a lot of guys I know are the ones that love to stir the pot.  One of my guy friends in particular ALWAYS has some shit to vent or complain about to me.  Every. Time. We. Talk.  And to be quite honest it gives me second-hand stress just hearing about it.  So, what did I do this week?  Blocked his number.  That in itself was a weight off my shoulders because for a whole 5 days I didn’t get dragged into his life full of girl problems and fights.  I may sound like a shitty friend but trust me.  It literally improved my mental clarity.

empire GIF

Now we get to the “love interests”, as mentioned before.  For the first day and a half, the guy that I have been into for the past couple months, let’s call him Andy, sent me snapchats and texts, even tagged me in memes on Instagram.  Yes, I opened them because the suspense was killing me (I’m ridiculous) but by the second day he basically stopped.  I was fighting the urge to reply, and realized most of the time it was because I was bored or lonely or a combination of the two.  By day 3 I was itching to answer, just to at least let Andy know I wasn’t angry or upset with him, but I stood my ground.  Now just put yourself in this position for a second.  Imagine the guy or girl you really like has been texting you for a couple days, and you’re just watching the messages come in but not replying.  Kinda felt powerful to be honest, but also felt anxious and frustrated.i want it but i dont season 3 GIF by Billions

So basically this week I realized it’s not natural to stop talking to people that you want to talk to, but it definitely is nice to give it a break and not be attached to your phone 24/7 because you’re dealing with other people’s drama and sometimes even making it your own.  I took it to an extreme and I probably should have just limited myself to a certain limit of interaction a day instead of ghosting completely because instead of focusing solely on myself, my unanswered messages were in the back of my head.  Cold turkey was not the way to go, but it was an interesting experiment to say the least.


8 thoughts on “Challenge 3: Boys, boys, boys

  1. Hey Carla! I love the fact that you went on a boy cleanse haha, we all need one sometimes. I’m glad that you were able to get some mental clarity. After all, you have to help yourself before you can help others. I’m looking forward to next week’s post 🙂

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  2. I think being away from certain people or at least not talking to them on a day to day bases really helps lower your stress. Like your friend that always has something to complain about whenever you guys talk. I’m sure you felt some sort of relief.

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  3. This was a really interesting challenge for this blog and I am really glad to see that you are thinking outside of the box. When you stay true to a theme but throw the reader a curveball you make the blog exciting because it creates anticipation and also excitement for future posts.
    Well done!

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  4. I like this post a lot I’ve been trying to get my roommates to quit boys for a while so they can relax a little but it never seems to go the way I imagine it to. Relationships and talking to guys is so touch and go, I never really know whats going on between myself and someone until things are clarified, so you taking a cleanse from boys sounds enticing to say the least. You did a really good job, I hope everything works out with the guy you like!

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  5. I thought this was a really interesting challenge and definitely not a bad one. Of course we love our friends whether they be male or female but sometimes it’s necessity to go on a “people cleanse”. Spending some alone time is great for mental clarity.

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  6. Your post is so relatable for me cause I know what it feels like to have unnecessary stress from boys. There’s always so much talk about being strong and independent women, but for some reason a boy comes along and just makes us girls question aaaallllll of that haha. Good job standing your ground by not replying, I’m glad to hear that you’re focusing on yourself!

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  7. I loved this post! First off, I totally agree with you that men are more dramatic then girls are. I swear they make these assumptions that its us but some of the biggest cry babies and drama kings I’ve ever encountered have been men. I think its good to go on a boy cleanse every once in a while tbh. You know how they say men are from mars and women are from venus? I think that description is just trying to say its hard to understand each other because we seem like we’re from different worlds. And that makes going on cleanses so important in my opinion. The constant trying to figure out if you want to talk to them or not, trying to figure out their intentions, even going through the inner battle of whether or not to talk to them since you said you weren’t, is enough to drive any girl mad. Taking mental and physical reprieves is necessary and I’m all here for your process. Stay strong!!!

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  8. I’m so proud and also jealous that you were able to hold your ground and stay strong. When the guy I’m talking to pisses me off by not answering forever and then finally answers I text back like immediately even though I really wanna hold off. Toxic? Maybe? Oops. Anyway, great job for staying strong, you have such willpower omg. I can’t wait to see what’s going on next week and you’re so right, boys are super dramatic it’s bullshit that we’re seen as the pot-stirrers.

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