Challenge 2: Get Movin’

This week was my dreaded week of all dreaded weeks in the history of dreaded weeks.  Haha, nah I’m being dramatic.  But really.  For my week 2 challenge I decided to work out every day.  Now, this is something that I wish I could do every day of my life, but just cannot ever muster up the motivation to do.  I know I’m not the only one, because me and my friends all look at each other with the same sheer terror in our eyes whenever the gym is suggested.  I will come up with 3095325 unnecessary tasks that I need to do to avoid getting my ass up and doing something that is amazing for my health and self-esteem.  It is truly mind boggling.  So for the past 5 days I attempted at exercising each day, no excuses allowed.

the office no GIF

Day 1:  I started off the week by going to the gym with my best friend who loves to work out.  This friend in particular is always asking me to go to the gym with her and usually I say yes and then when it’s time to actually go I find an excuse not to.  We start with cardio and 6 minutes in I’m already begging the time to move quicker.  Literally staring at the time on the elliptical wishing it would fast forward.  Pathetic I know, but if you tell me you don’t do this you’ve gotta be lying.  After the half hour that seemed like twelve eternities, she took me to do abs and butt.  This shit hurts.  How people thoroughly enjoy this… I will never understand.  Not a big gym girl.sad michelle tanner GIF

Day 2:  Last summer, I signed up for hot yoga and I actually really loved it so I thought it would be a good thing to do to make this week go by quicker.  I found a free pass for a class nearby and brought a couple friends with me.  I realized how much I miss yoga today and wish I did it more often, but in my defense packages are ridiculously expensive.  Of course the one physical activity I enjoy doing is astronomically priced.kanye west no GIF

Day 3:  Today was a nice day out so I decided to go for a run around campus.  At home, I don’t mind doing this once in a while but at school I find it uncomfortable.  I passed like 3 people I know and awkwardly waved and gave a defeated smile while sweat was profusely dripping off my face and my pony tail was gradually getting messier and messier.  Not a cute look.  This workout wasn’t that bad.  Maybe if the weather was nice like this all the time I’d go for runs more.  Probably not, but maybe.nervous sweating bullets GIF by The Bachelor Australia

Day 4:  Today I dragged my friends to a Zumba class with me that we signed up for through Rutgers.  This was the first time I did Zumba and I wish I tried it sooner.  It was so much fun especially because my friends and I looked equally as ridiculous attempting to perfect each move.  This class was basically just dancing like a maniac for a half hour straight, and the time went by really fast because we were actually laughing and enjoying ourselves, even while dripping sweat and looking like hot messes.  I definitely want to try more classes offered at Rutgers because this class showed just how fun getting some exercise in could be (never thought I’d say such a thing).

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Day 5:  To end the week, I went for another jog, again, seeing a few familiar faces while looking like a wet rat.  Joy!  This week honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I totally feel much more energetic and motivated to work out next week.  Yes, there were days when I made excuses and didn’t want to budge from bed but after my workouts I felt it was worth it, even if some of the time I wanted to rip my hair out and call it quits.

7 thoughts on “Challenge 2: Get Movin’

  1. I love this post! Being so busy it’s hard to find the time to workout and when I finally have the time I make excuses! So I actually did the same thing you did and made myself workout ALL week long! It was so rough but so worth it in the end

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  2. This was a good post to read! It’s really hard to gather up the motivation and sometimes even the time to work out, but I am glad that you made it work for you this week! I wish I was able to do the same, but it’s really hard since I don’t live on campus and have easy access to a gym. But I am tempted to try out Zumba since it sounds like fun. Can’t wait to see what’s your next challenge! Keep up describing your experiences!

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  3. I just made a comment under this post but I don’t see it anymore so I guess I’ll just repost. I find your blog really entertaining as I follow along your week of attempting to commit to things most people probably wish they could do as well. I applaud you for making it through a week of working out because forcing yourself to get out of bed is hard but I agree that it’s very worth it afterwards. And that burn you feel while working out let’s you know that all your hard work is actually working so I don’t mind it. Working out honestly makes you feel accomplished.

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  4. I hope you keep it going! I love zumba but I always forget that Rutgers has classes for it. Thank for reminding me… maybe I’ll start going now lol and good on you for jogging around campus! That can be scary and intimidating. Can’t wait to see what’s next week.

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  5. Some people in this world love working out… I don’t know many of those people. I do know people who dislike it, avoid it, or force themselves to do it because they ultimately know it’s good for them. Your post hits on that demographic, and you did a really great job at telling your story in a humorous way and the struggles to be healthy and why it can be so hard.
    Great job!


  6. I 100% feel you. I told myself I would start going to the gym as soon as school started… it is now October and I have not hit the gym once since getting back. This post motivated me a bit so I might actually force myself to hit the gym at least once this week (we’ll see how that goes lol). Overall I really enjoyed reading your blog post and thought it was so relatable since I legit cannot commit to taking time out of my day to go and workout. I’m excited to see what you talk about next week!

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  7. Totally feel you on the expensiveness of yoga! People usually don’t understand how much yoga is and how much something that is suppose to make you calm makes you stress more lol! I lack motivation as well to do exercise, sometimes even the simplest of things! For example, I have been wanting to go bike riding but I am literally do lazy to unhook my bike….. So. I will instead sleep and dream about my bike ride lol! Let me know if you find a lower priced yoga place around here! Great Job!

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