Challenge 1: No Bagels Allowed

So this week I decided to (try to) commit to eating a breakfast other than bagels every morning.  In my house, bagels are always available and it’s the easiest thing to grab when I am running late in the morning, and in my opinion the most satisfying.  No cooking, no wait time, nothing strenuous about it.  Plus I love being able to choose any spread I am in the mood for on any given day, whether it’s strawberry, onion and chive, you name it.  As you can see I can write this whole blog about my love for bagels.  However, I’m not going to do that.  Instead I’m going to tell you what I ate this week to replace my usual bagel breakfast and to curve my instinct to grab for one, even on my busiest days.

Day 1:  This morning I had work at 10, and rushed out of the house without grabbing my carb filled breakfast.  As upsetting as it was, I knew I couldn’t fail my challenge on the first day (lol).  When I got to work I really wasn’t hungry at all.  I came to the realization that I don’t eat the bagel because I’m hungry, I eat it because it has literally become a habit.  I opened up the shop and waited for my boss to arrive, and when he did he got right to making us smoothies.  To my surprise the smoothie filled me up just as much as a bagel does without the gross bloated feeling afterwards.kanye west shrug GIF

Day 2:  Today I had a free morning and no class until 2, so I was in no rush to hastily eat an unhealthy breakfast.  I decided to take the 5 minute walk to Playa Bowls and try something new there.  I love Playa Bowls but I never do this because 1. it requires me getting my lazy ass out of the house and seeing people I may not want to see and 2. it costs money that I do not have.  Honestly if money wasn’t an object I’d get Playa every day though, because it’s just that good.

Day 3:  Since I live in a sorority house with a chef, you’d think I’d take advantage of the breakfast made every morning… well I never did… until this morning.  I had scrambled eggs and made myself some cereal.  I even treated myself to a side of bacon.  I think this is the type of breakfast that I need to start having more often.  It made me feel like a real civilized human being that actually sits down and enjoys their food instead of scarfing down a slab of bread. 10/10 recommend.happy toddlers and tiaras GIF

Day 4:  So today I had work in the morning again, and my boss made me another one of his famous smoothies for breakfast, which I was fully satisfied with.  With that being said… I may or may not have gone out at night only to drunkenly come home and eat a bagel and a half.  OF COURSE I ruin my goal and it wasn’t even for freakin’ breakfast.  Yes, I’m disappointed in myself to say the least, but I’m definitely going to remember this week and how much more satisfied and adult-like I felt sitting down and eating nutritious foods for my first meal of the day instead of stuffing a bagel down my gullet and running out the door.

zach galifianakis oops GIF

9 thoughts on “Challenge 1: No Bagels Allowed

  1. I really enjoyed this post and liked your sense of humor and writing style.
    Do work on explaining a little more why you have chosen a particular challenge and what it is you’re trying to change or modify about you lifestyle. Discuss alternatives that would satisfy the craving, whatever the challenge may be asking you to do (for example, in this case, maybe there’s something that feels like a bagel, but is made of less carb-y ingredients, you get the idea).
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what comes next!

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  2. If I lived in a sorority house with a chef I would literally never stop eating that food. I was actually shocked when you said that you don’t take advantage of that wonderfulness. Bagels are awesome though and I think you did pretty good trying to eat other foods. We all know we shouldn’t trust our drunk selves.

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  3. Hi bagel friend!!! I am a lover of bagels as well so I completely understand your struggle to stop. I have to say though, for someone who eats bagels everyday, those carbs are not attacking your weight! LUCKYYYYYY! I also understand how convenient they are! While having a chef seems cool, I think a crappy bagel would still be my choice. Keep up the good work and I’ll eat some bagels for you!

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  4. omg, that is an interesting story. I used to try to not eat any Chinese for half month, and it was so hard. Everyday for me was like I wanna have Chinese food. Luckily I figured it out after one week, like started to accept pizza, pasta and burrito as my dinner. Sometime, when people get used of something, try to break the comfort zone, people will realize that outside of the comfort zone is not that bad.

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  5. This cracks me up because my freshman year I would eat grilled cheese everyday (multiple times a day too) and my body definitely didn’t thank me for that lol. So I can definitely relate to having a deep relationship with a piece of food. I really like the idea of your blog too I think it’s so relatable for literally every college student!

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  6. I actually laughed when you said that you cant stop eating bagels because it reminds me of my addiction… I’m in love with chocolate chip cookies. My two favorite brands are chips ahoy and oreos. I have always loved chocolate since a kid and to this day i cannot stop eating it. I also think your topic is interesting and cant wait to read more.

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  7. Hey Carla! This was such a fun blog post to read. I’m glad you did this challenge to break out of your bagel eating habit. I should learn from you and attempt do the same haha. Also, I really liked the format of the blog which made it really simple and easy to read. I’m looking forward to reading your blog post next week!

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