Challenge 10: Procrastination Queen

For my last blog, I decided to do a challenge that is probably most difficult of all for me (even though they were all pretty tough at times).  I attempted to not procrastinate any of my work for the week and get it done the day it was assigned.  Since I take 2 online classes, all of my work for the whole week for those classes are due on Sundays.  Me, being the piece of shit I am, naturally waits until Sunday afternoon to start all of this work.  It’s all fun and games during the week when I get to go out and have my fun, but when Sunday hits, let me tell you, it is scary.

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Day 1:  So for one of my psychology classes, I have a forum post assigned each week, but they are not checked and graded until the last day of the semester.  So of course I haven’t done one in six weeks, which means I planned to cram it all into the last couple days before it was due.  I took today to finish these posts so I don’t have to worry about them when finals week comes around.  These forums have been in the back of my mind every week and still I pushed them off, so the relief I felt after I submitted the last one was unreal.  I COULD HAVE just done them when they were assigned and saved myself some anxiety and time like a good student, but of course not.

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Day 2:  I have a final 5 page research paper due in one of my classes next week, which I already started because the professor collected a rough draft, but I have to make many revisions and do a lot more research.  I have been DREADING even looking at this paper ever since I handed in that draft because I knew how much more work needed to be done.  Today I sit my ass down in the library (haven’t been there in a minute), turned off my phone, and typed away for about an hour and a half, and I was so in the zone that I surpassed the page minimum of 5 pages.  My phone is always a huge distraction while I’m doing work so if I don’t turn off notifications it almost never gets done.  Sitting in a quiet place and getting rid of distractions is super helpful if you tend to procrastinate because then you have no opportunity to focus on anything but the work that you need to do.  I finished the paper and handed it in a whole week early… I kid you not I have never done such a thing.

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Day 3:  So today I took a break from the school work, and finally made my Christmas list that my family has been nagging me about for almost a month.  This literally wasn’t hard at all considering I only am asking for 5 things, but still I somehow managed to keep putting it off no matter how many family members asked me to send it to them.  Every time someone asked me I would say “I’m really busy today, I’ll send it to you tomorrow” and then never do it.  I’m happy I got this done with because honestly if I waited much longer I probably would not be receiving any gifts this year and I’d have nobody to blame except myself.

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Pushing myself throughout this challenge showed me that it is so worth it to do my work as soon as possible and takes so much unnecessary stress and anxiety off my shoulders.  Doing things last minute is not only extremely stressful, but it is never done to the best of my ability because I’m usually rushing to get it done by a deadline.  Setting aside some time and doing a little bit of work each day is so important in college to keep yourself on track and make you feel like you’ve got your life together, because take it from me, there’s literally no worse feeling than having one day to do a whole week’s worth of work.

10 thoughts on “Challenge 10: Procrastination Queen

  1. This was a good post to read, reminded me a lot of myself and my best friend. I used to procrastinate a lot, especially in freshman year, but then I learned that it is way too much stress and too much work to handle. Which is why I now tend to start and do my work ahead of time so I don’t have to freak out about it later on. But it was nice to read about your experiences with this difficult challenge. You did great with explaining what you went through in this post and other posts throughout the semester. Great job overall with your blog 🙂

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  2. All your posts have been really relatable and I’ve enjoyed reading them all. When it comes to procrastination, I can def relate but I’ve was doing good at getting rid of that at the beginning of the semester. Because of that my grades have been the best they’ve ever been but as the semester comes to a close I’ve been slacking :///

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  3. I have a problem with procrastination lol. Every 5 minutes I get sidetracked and watch a video on youtube or something. I started to force myself to work for like half an hour and then maybe take 10 minute break doing something else, I’ve found that helps a lot.

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  4. I can relate to this post, i tend to get distracted a lot and leave a lot of my homework to do a couple of days before its due. And it sucks doing all of it in the matter of hours, now i do hw for half an hour and the other half i do something else and repeat that for 4-6 hours a day works pretty good.

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  5. I literally almost started crying reading this post bc the idea of having that kind of relief where you turn a paper in a whole week early just sounds like heaven on earth and wow I wish. And I say “I wish” while knowing fully well I could make it a reality for myself but still refuse to do anything about it. Congrats to you as always for pushing through to your last week, I don’t know how you did it sometimes but wow I’m impressed you did. Hopefully you continue to challenge yourself each week to do something difficult even without having the blog, it seems like a lot of these challenges were really beneficial. Fingers crossed!

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  6. LOL!!!! This challenge will never work for me but I commend you for getting this completed. I have convinced myself that I work best under pressure to make myself feel better about how bad my procrastination really is. Like I think about all the stuff I know I should be doing and instead, I’m currently watching Netflix ahah. I hope you continue to challenge yourself and I hope they all turn out successfully. Also, did you go back to eating bagels all the time?

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  7. I think a lot of people can definitely relate to this post because students in general tend to push things to the side and not pace themselves with their workload, which as you mentioned is problematic and causes unnecessary stress. Your post was short and got right to the point! I really enjoyed reading your post because I just found myself nodding yes to every point you made. Great job 🙂

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  8. I am the procrastination QUEEN, a paper due??? Time to rearrange my whole entire room. Exam tomorrow?? Lets organize my drawers! It’s definitely smart to get ahead of your work and it make you feel so so much better in the end but I rarely can do that lol. I hope you keep up these mini personal challenges because I feel like through out the semester it’s made you learn a lot about yourself, I think everyone should challenge the way they do things every now and then! These always make me laugh so much so I’m going to miss that each week!

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  9. I relate so much to this post! I am also a huge procrastinator. No matter how much I try to stay on top of my game, I just convince myself to push things off for later. Eventually, I pushed myself to make a to-do list for each day. Every time I complete all the tasks on the to-do list I treat myself to a favorite meal or drink. If I don’t complete my tasks,I “punish” myself y trying to go the entire day without coffee. Now considering I live on coffee, I try and avoid this situation as much as possible. And, the one week where I have everything done I feel like I have accomplished a Herculean task! Lol. Thank you so much for all the wonderful posts!

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