Challenge 8: Self-Love

It’s reached that time of the semester where we could all use some serious self-care.  A lot of the time we forget about how important it is to take care of ourselves in the midst of balancing school work and a social life, all while attempting to get enough sleep to function throughout the day.  I know for me this balance can get super difficult, and I decided to take this week to show myself a little love.  If you’re a college student you probably know how it feels to stay up until the wee hours of the morning studying for an exam, or wake up with an unbearable headache because you had a little (or a lot) too much Smirnoff the night before.  It’s so important that we put our own physical and mental health before these things, although it can be hard to find the time or motivation.  Every day of this challenge I did something for myself that I normally don’t take the time to do because I am too busy focusing my time and energy elsewhere, or I’m trying to save money for food (lol).

Day 1:  Last year I lived on Livingston campus and always saw ads for their massage services as well as threading, so I decided to try them out and made an appointment for a 60 minute massage in between my classes.  Normally the price is $65, but for students the discount it to $45, which in my opinion was well worth it.  I felt so relaxed afterwards, and decided I might as well get threaded too, for only $5!!  That’s seriously unheard of.  It’s not every day that we do this type of thing for ourselves and their prices really are the best you’re going to get for those services.  I highly recommend treating yourself to a Livi pampering sesh.

titus andromedon diva GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Day 2:  Today I had work, and it dawned on me that I’ve worked at a salon for 6 months and have never once gotten my hair blown out, even though I have the option to do it for free.  At the end of my shift the salon wasn’t busy and I asked my boss if he could give me a quick blowout… game changer.  I felt so pretty and put together for the rest of the day, and my self-esteem and mood was just crazily increased.  I know this sounds dumb, but changing an aspect of your appearance in some way really can be a stress reliever and a mood booster if you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of a change.

long hair spongebob GIF

Day 3:  There’s seriously nothing better than a good spa night with your girls.  In high school me and my friends used to go to Walmart and buy a bunch of cheap face and hair masks and snacks and have ourselves a time.  Obviously it isn’t always easy to find the time for that now, but tonight all my friends cleared their schedules and we did it.  We may or may not have added some wine to the equation as well (recommended).  This was my favorite night of the challenge because although it’s important to make time for yourself, it’s so much more fun when you have your favorite people to enjoy it with you.

 abc season 12 jordan spa the bachelorette GIF

I only did this challenge for 3 days because it really isn’t practical to do these things on a daily basis, but the 3 days really did make a huge difference.  It put into perspective how important it is to put school and other stressors to the side for not even an hour, at least once a week, and focus on your well-being.  After this challenge I felt more focused and motivated to do the things I have to, knowing that I did some things for myself.  I seriously recommend trying at least one of these things out because we all deserve some downtime whether it’s alone, or with a group of our closest friends and a bottle of Barefoot.

self love GIF by Chibird

8 thoughts on “Challenge 8: Self-Love

  1. This was a really nice post. I’m glad you went ahead, finally got that massage and pampered yourself. I love that you included, “…although it’s important to make time for yourself, it’s so much more fun when you have your favorite people to enjoy it with you.” Doing things with your friends by your side definitely makes a experience so much better. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post and loved the gifs!

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  2. I’ve always seen those massage ads on livi when I lived there last year and told myself I was going to go but still never have. I have actually never gotten any type of massage and it’s something I’ve always wanted and think I seriously need lol. Since you recommended it, I have no choice but to go, for a discount too!

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  3. I’m gonna focus on number 2 because I have some issues I need answers to. 1. I’m sorry, you’ve worked at a salon for more than one week and haven’t gotten a blowout?? A FREE blowout?????????????????????????????????? How is that possible! I recommend getting it done at least twice a month, that way you’re not pissing off your boss but you’re still getting pampered. 2. That idea is not dumb at all! It’s the truth! Improving any part of your physical appearance is a huge confidence boost. That’s why things like hair salons and nail salons and plastic surgery EXIST! Whenever I feel down about myself I get like a 65% full body wax. Not only does the pain make me think of something else (because wow is it painful) but then I come out looking all shiny and groomed so I’m beaming. Great post as always!!

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  4. I loved this post! Its’ really important to pamper yourself because school is just really stressful sometimes and in general just life as well. I like that you didn’t just do this the whole week because would be so unrealistic to do all the time. I love how you always keep it real.

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  5. Great job on this post! We all need to learn to love ourselves, like how Ariana’s new song says. You should always treat yourself, and I liked how you emphasized this in the post by describing your own experiences. I’m also intrigued to try out the Livingston massage services (I never knew they even had one!). Keep trying out new things and sharing it with us!

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  6. Very needed post. As you said, it is that time of the semester, and self-care is veryyyy needed. I do the same thing with friends, it’s refreshing and rejuvenating to have spa nights with your friends. I think it is because we are all going through similar stresses and to go through them is reassuring.

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  7. Oh I’ve also seen a lot of those massage ads on Busch and Livi. Some of my friends went to them and they said the massages were really good and seemed professional. I agree self care is important especially towards the end of the semester. The semesters only get harder and harder throughout the months and it can really wear you out.

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  8. I’ve always wanted to do threading and massages at livingston but im too afraid they’re going to f**k up my brows!!! This post came at the perfect time too because I think everyone’s just been feeling overwhelmed with work lately. All 3 days you wrote about are the perfect recipe for treating yourself! Im super jealous you can get a blow out anytime time you want! Great job girl!

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